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Pope Francis to Parents: Take the Smartphones off the Dinner Table

Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has advised parents not to allow smartphones at the dinner table, to help restore a sense of family togetherness and to teach their children about the importance of relationships. In his weekly catechesis in St. Peter’s Square, the pope said that family togetherness is “a sure thermometer for measuring the health of relationships.” (Read More....)



 Pope Francis to Youth: The Bible Can Change Your Life. Now Read It!

Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY — The Bible is so dangerous that some Christians risk persecution to have one. But for Pope Francis, its life-changing role in daily life is important too.  “The Bible is not meant to be placed on a shelf, but to be in your hands, to read often — every day, both on your own and together with others,” he wrote in the prologue to a Bible for youth in Germany.  (Read More....)


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Welcome to Butte Central Catholic High School !  We hope your visit will be one of enjoyment and productivity.  Stay tuned for exciting new things on our website in the days to come!! 
Butte Central Catholic High School

Maroons Basketball

Butte Central Girls Remain perfect (15-0) overcoming Dillon's Slow Tempo

Butte Central Girls Remain Perfect at 14-0
The Dillon girls’ basketball team did a good job of taking Butte Central
out of its comfort zone. Unfortunately for the Beavers,
that did not translate into a win over the Maroons.
Emily St. John scored 15 points, Sierra Pica added 14, and Mollie Peoples netted 13
more to lead the undefeated Maroons to a 50-41 win over the Beavers,
Saturday night at the Maroon Activities Center.

Butte Central girls achieve rare feat

Butte Central
Butte Central is off to a 14-0 start to the season, and frankly, getting there wasn’t even close.  The Maroons won those games by an average of not 5, not 10, try almost 20 points per game. But that’s not as amazing as how they score those points. For starters, Butte Central has more than one hundred more assists than any other team in the Southwestern A Conference.  READ MORE....

Teacher Honored

Jo Ann Harrington-Nobili Award for Academic Excellence

Chris Barefield Honored
 Mr. Chris Barefield is this years recipient of the
"Jo Ann Harrington-Nobili Award for Academic Excellence."
This award was established in 2012 in remembrance of
Jo Ann to recognize an outstanding teacher at
Butte Central Catholic Schools.

Science and Religion

Students dive into science vs. religion and ask: Can they co-exist?

MT. Standard Picture
FEATURED Yuanbei Fan, a Butte Central foreign exchange student, did not stray far from Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Ian Hutchinson ....Read More

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Catholic News

The Church Opposes Science: The Myth of Catholic Irrationality

Catholic Education
"Many people believe that faith and reason, or religion and science, are locked in an irreconcilable war of attrition against one another. One must choose to be a person of learning, science, and reason, or choose to embrace religion, dogma, and faith alone.  On this view, the Church opposes science, and if one embraces science, then one ought to reject the Church."  (Read More)

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