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Butte Central Elementary and Middle School

Faith. Family. Excellence. Tradition.

Mrs. Stephanie Zdinak

2nd Grade Teacher

Stephanie Zdinak


Elementary Education
University of Montana Western


Stephanie Zdinak is the 2nd grade teacher at Butte Central Elementary School. What wakes her up every morning? Her love for working with children, and her unwavering belief in God.

Ms. Zdinak has an affection for all students at Central Elementary, calling them “kind and welcoming.” Specifically, however, she loves her 2nd graders: “What I love about teaching second grade is that the students are uninhibited and energetic.”

If Zdinak could have one lesson stick with her students throughout their lives it is to “have faith and God’s, and rely on God’s love throughout their lives.”

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Butte Central Elementary and Middle School
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