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Fundraising & Service

Fundraising is a critical component for the viability and development of Butte Central Catholic Schools. Beyond the activity specific fundraisers that occur in a normal educational environment, BCHS, its students and families work together each year raising funds to keep our tuition costs affordable. These fundraisers include:

  1. BCH Foundation Phon-A-Thon/Annual Fund Campaign: The BCHS Foundation organizes the annual Phon-a-thon, where parents and students contact alumni and friends of BCHS and request a pledge of support for the school. Along with financial support, the Phon-a-thon is also used to update the BCHS alumni mailing list.
  2. Evening Auction: The Evening Auction is where businesses donate items to be auctioned by the school. The Evening Auction fundraiser of the BCHS Foundation supports a major percentage of its financial support.
  3. Students Activities: Butte Central Catholic School’s student activities are supported 100% through the fundraising efforts of the Activity Booster Club and student led fundraising. For those students and their families that participate in any co-curricular, extra curricular, or club events, participation is required.

Along with the fundraising efforts, each family is responsible to pay tuition for their children to attend BCHS. As part of the tuition obligation, all families volunteer their time to support the school and support the BC Futures Program.

  • BC Futures: Each family participates in this on-going fundraiser and has the opportunity to earn money toward the current year’s tuition, after meeting their obligation to the school. The BC Futures Office is located in the Maroon Activity Center – 550 Mercury Butte, MT 59701 (406) 723-6706.
  • Service Hours: Although the school relies on this volunteerism’ to a greater extent the required service hours provide an opportunity for parents to gather and strengthen the community bond. Each family contributes ten hours to the school each year. In lieu of hours, a family may contribute cash ($10.00/hr.). Single parents must contribute five service hours per year.
Last Modified on August 6, 2009