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Butte Central Catholic Schools

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Butte Central Catholic Schools Volunteer Program

Information for Parents

Parent service and volunteerism is vital to the life and mission of Butte Central Catholic Schools. Parents working on behalf of the school help to strengthen our spiritual and scholastic environment.

Through volunteerism,service and participation in fundraising events we are building a community, which works together and strives for educational excellence.

Butte Central Catholic School families are expected to actively participate in volunteer activities and fundraising programs and events throughout the school year. The program is designed to encourage volunteerism and to reward parents who actively volunteer for Catholic education. To meet the criteria for volunteer hours the activity must either help Butte Central raise funds, help us reduce costs or save funds.

Volunteer Incentives and Tuition Credits

Volunteers must comply with all Diocesan School Policies; including completion of the Virtus "Protecting God's Children" Program when adults are working with children.