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Butte Central Catholic Schools

Faith. Family. Excellence. Tradition.

About Butte Central Catholic Schools

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Butte Central Catholic Schools is to develop intellectual excellence within a safe community environment that seeks to further holistic development and a sense of responsibility for lives in the spirit of Jesus. Butte Central Catholic Schools welcome all students to be part of their traditions and teachings that are based on the belief that each student is a unique, growing individual who, as a member of the human, global community, shares in the responsibility for that community. As a Roman Catholic community, Butte Central Catholic Schools proclaim their mission in a spirit of faith, peace and justice.

Vision Statement

Butte Central Catholic Schools were founded in the 1880's to serve the children of Butte's Catholic miners. BCCS's has thrived with a remarkable resilience and a tremendous spirit of survival. Personal attention, high expectations, strong discipline, teamwork, Christian values, and a powerful drive toward excellence speak to BCCS's motto of pride, tradition, and commitment.


The Course of Study at Butte Central Catholic High School is designed to provide an education that is both Christian and humanistic in its scope. Because most of our young people choose to continue their education at the college level, we place emphasis on developing the skills necessary for the successful completion of college. We emphasize, not just the subject matter, but critical thinking skills, collaborative learning, and the "how to" of successful scholarship. We know that teaching, like learning, is accomplished in a variety of ways, therefore, we concentrate on keeping our students at the center of instruction and on promoting excellence. In the tradition of Catholic education, we build on faith and commit ourselves to excellence. Through this environment, we integrate academics with athletics, with art and music, with writing as well as critical thinking, with public speaking, and we resolve to develop young learners who understand social justice and responsible action. Parents and students, we suggest that you take the courses that best suit your needs, your abilities, and your plans for the future. Talk to teachers, school counselor or administrator for guidance in selecting your course of study. Finally, testing at the high school level is important for entering colleges and universities. All students will test throughout their four years of high school and are encouraged to take it seriously. The SAT and ACT are currently used by most colleges and universities for entry.

Catholic Ministry

Butte Central Catholic High School strives to be a community of faith, as well as an institution of academic excellence. Students are encouraged to actively embrace their faith commitment through community outreach and service to others, within and through their church and faith life. Butte Central is predicated upon the belief that its students come to understand and appreciate the fullness of an ever-developing relationship between God, neighbor and self.

"Faith in Action" is a community service program initiated by Butte Central in the 1980's. Participation in community service programs (visits to and/or volunteer work at nursing homes, shelters, food pantries, etc.) enhances the standard program of the school and is required for all Butte Central students.

Butte Central's School Ministry program provides ministering to peers. This program will challenge the students to deepen and share their faith. This course is designed to allow students to "think outside the box" and come to a personal and real experience of Christ and the Church. Exploring personal faith, practicing one's prayer life, developing an understanding of Liturgy and retreat methodology and expanding one's faith to serve the school community through projects and retreats and being a personal example of Christ in the school are a few of the School Ministry's goals.

Each student also attends a class retreat at least once per year. The retreats focus on student spiritual life and implementation of their vision toward a better tomorrow.


Butte Central Catholic Schools are a diocesan Catholic, co-educational school system committed to providing a high quality education in an environment of traditional Catholic teaching. Since it's beginning in 1881, Butte Central Catholic Schools have exhibited academic excellence.

Located in Butte, Montana, a mining town of around 32,000 nestled along the Continental Divide, Butte Central Catholic Schools provide the only Catholic education in the region, offering quality Catholic education for Grades Pre-K through 12.

Butte Central Catholic Schools were founded on the teaching philosophy of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and the Irish Christian Brothers. Butte Central Catholic Schools are an educational institution that provides a venue where students can seek, find, comprehend, and apply the truth in an atmosphere nurtured by Catholic faith.

Butte Central Catholic Schools emphasize not only the curriculum being taught but also the process by which the curriculum becomes knowledge. The process of learning involves actively engaging students in the learning process so that rather than passively receiving information, students are motivated to know how to learn.