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Butte Central High School

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Honors Geometry

Mr. Brad Kadrmas


Mr. Brad Kadrmas

Class Information

This course is designed for highly motivated students who can cover mathematic topics quickly. This course is designed to introduce students for formal geometry and algebra II topics. It will also prepare them for trigonometry. Topics to be reviewed and expanded: area, perimeter, volume, and surface area. Geometry topics to be covered: points, lines, planes, angles; parallel lines and planes; congruent triangles; quadrilaterals; formal proof; ratio; proportion, and similarity; Pythagorean theorem; special right triangles; right triangle trigonometry; circles; construction; loci; coordinate geometry; transformation geometry. Algebra concepts will be reviewed and applied to geometry problems. Algebra concepts to be reviewed and expanded: closure and properties of real numbers; operations with real numbers; order of operations; with polynomials; factoring polynomials; solving linear and quadratic equations; graphing linear equations; writing equations of lines, solving systems of equations; scientific notation; solving right triangles; linear intercepts; completing the square; complex numbers; problem solving. Some concepts of Algebra II will be taught 2nd semester.

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