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Butte Central Elementary and Middle School

Faith. Family. Excellence. Tradition.

Mrs. Carol Tash


Carol Tash


Elementary Education
University of Montana Western
Years Teaching:


Carol Tash

Classes Taught: Resource Room
Carol Tash has been teaching for 32 years, so it is quite believable when she says that she does what she does because she loves children. Tash works in the resource room which gives her the unique opportunity to “work with children from K-8 in all subject areas.” An opportunity she relishes.

Above all Tash’s goal is her help student believe about themselves what she already believes about them, that “each child is unique and special.”

The most important lesson she can pass on to a student? “Love one another as God has loved you!”

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Butte Central Elementary and Middle School
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Phone: 1 (406) 782-4500

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