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Butte Central Elementary and Middle School

Faith. Family. Excellence. Tradition.

Mrs. Sharon Westrom

4th Grade Teacher

Sharon Westrom


Elementary Education
University of Montana
Years Teaching:


Sharon Westrom

School: Butte Central Elementary

Grade Teaching: 4th Grade

Degrees: B.A. U. of M

Number of years teaching: 26

“I believe I was meant to be a teacher. I feel great gratification when I have inspired, affected someone’s life or just taught them a concept,” says Westrom. “I see a huge growth in 4th graders from the beginning of the year to the end.”

At Central Ms. Westrom relishes the opportunity to instruct the whole child -- “mentally, spiritually, and physically.” She describes Central’s students as “respectful, and eager to come to school.”

Like so many of Butte Central’s phenomenal faculty, Westrom’s ultimate goal is to teach something more than academics. “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” she says, “What a great world this would be if everyone practiced this.

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