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Butte Central Elementary and Middle School

Faith. Family. Excellence. Tradition.

Mrs. Susie Hogart


Susie Hogart


Elementary Education/Special Education
Graduate Degree(s)s:
Computers in Education
Years Teaching:


"I do what I do because…I love kids!! They make me happy when I see learning in progress!! Having taught Special Education for 32 years, something as simple as a step could bring tears to my eyes. I am amazed at how these kids are like sponges!! They love to learn!

Butte Central students are…Amazing!! I taught in the public school system for many years, and moving here for the past two years has made me love teaching again. I think that I was getting tired, and felt as if I did not have a purpose anymore, but someone, or something brought me to this wonderful school, and I am HOME!! My husband and I, along with our children, all graduated from Butte Central, and I guess I maybe took for granted the importance of education, but teaching here is like the ice cream in the sundae, and the students are like the toppings!!

In my spare time I…am a crafter!! I love to do woodworking, and I make wreaths of all kind! I will take on any task that draws my attention closer, and make it my own.

Above all, I believe…God brought me to Butte Central for a reason, whether it be to help the students or myself. Whatever the reason, I am happier than I have ever been, and I come to school every day with a smile on my face.

If I could make one lesson stick it would be…Never, never, under any circumstances degrade or bully anyone! Always help your fellow students, and do what is right!!"

Be Kind, Like a Maroon!

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